Hawaii Safety Training
About Us
Leihoku Group specializes in delivering high-quality on-site safety training programs & seminars for your employees that meets OSHA regulations. We will help you become OSHA compliant, save you money, reduce injures, and create a safe workplace.  We offer training classes in almost every OSHA topic, specializing in OSHA General Industry Safety, Forklift, and FirstAid/CPR/AED.  We  utilize the latest teaching techniques and audio visual aids to deliver needed information to your workers that is engaging and pertinent to your operations.

Leihoku Group also provides compliance audits which can alert your firm of certain shortcomings that OSHA would have cited.  We can then develop programs that will help you comply with applicable OSHA standards.
Please call us at 808.216-4432 for an appointment or email us at dean@leihokugroup.com for a brochure.
We provide on site training for all of our classes.

If your employees need certifications...Give us a call for a proposal...

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