Hawaii Safety Training
OSHA Compliance Assistance

OSHA regulations are like being in a maze, where the right course of action is very uncertain.  Reading and understanding OSHA regulations can be a challenge.  Determining exactly what is required and how to comply can lead to guess work and mistakes.

Leihoku Group can help take the guesswork out of complying with OSHA regulations.  Our compliance audits will alert firms of over cites that OSHA would have cited.  We will conduct a physical inspection of the facilitates and note any recognized OSHA violations.  The audit will include a review of your existing OSHA compliance programs.  We will check your OSHA policies, procedures, and written programs for compliance with each applicable OSHA standard.  The result of our audit will be a checklist of potential programs and specific guidelines for meeting your OSHA compliance needs. 

Leihoku Group can develop a program that can be used as your guide that explains how your firm will comply with each applicable OSHA standard.  Many of OSHA's regulations require a written program that services this purpose.  We produce custom tailored OSHA compliance programs for each OSHA regulation.