Hawaii Safety Training

Forklift Safety Training - Its the law

Forklifts are extremely dangerous if not operated correctly.  Failure to follow this rule results in misuse of the machine, excessive downtime, serious product damage and unnecessary accidents involving equipment, vehicles, and personnel.

As of 1999, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all employees be trained and certified prior to operating a forklift/powered industrial truck.  Recertification is required at least once every three years.  OSHA estimates that adherence to the training requirements will prevent 11 fatalities and 9,422 injuries annually.  Fines for non-compliance can exceed $1000 per employee per violation.

We provide comprehensive OSHA compliant training courses for Forklift Operators. Our program covers the following areas.

Part I- Facility Assessment
Part II - Equipment Review
Part III - Formal classroom training (using information incorporated from the facility assessment and equipment review)
Part IV-Practical training
Part V-Testing/Evaluation and Certification

Our onsite program can save you money by cutting down on labor costs and over time to train at an outside facility.  Prior to the classroom training, our instructor will visit your facility and examine your equipment for the training to be OSHA compliant.